Australian Beach Tennis Ranking

The ranking is calculated by the sum of the points in the regional and national tournaments of the last 12 months. After a new tournament the points from the tournament are calculated and ranking updated.

See below the latest tournaments that are counting for this ranking.

3rd Australian Beach Tennis Tournament (September 2020)

4th Australian Okaberry Beach Tennis Tournament (April 2021)

Ranking points are awarded according to the stage of tournament reached, and the prestige of the tournament, National Tournaments awarding the most points.

Regional Tournaments (NSW, QLD & WA)
Open Categories (Male & Female), doubles only.
Winners (W) - 500 points (100%)

Finalists (F) - 300 points (60%)
Semi-Finalist - 180 points (36%)

Australian Beach Tennis Ranking (Updated in May 2021)
Male Open Ranking
Female Open Ranking